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Amoxicillin Used For A Sore Throat Amoxicillin Used For A Sore Throat

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The EU FP7 project Arctic Tipping Points (ATP) has come to an end.

Building upon on-going large, integrated projects (THRESHOLDS and DAMOCLES FP6 IPs, and the ARCTOS network) the project Arctic Tipping Points (ATP) aimed at  identifying the elements of the Arctic marine ecosystem likely to show abrupt changes in response to climate change, and  establish the levels of the corresponding climate drivers inducing regime shift in those tipping elements. In addition, state-of-the-art oceanographic, ecological, fisheries, and economic models was used to determine the effect of crossing those thresholds for the Arctic marine ecosystems, and the associated risks and opportunities for economic activities dependent on the marine ecosystem of the European Arctic.

ATP  investigated the existence of climate-driven tipping points for key species and ecosystem processes through analyses of available time-series data and coordinated experimental evaluations. These experimental evaluations was used to validate the thresholds identified from time-series analysis, and to postulate new climate-driven tipping points. Ecosystem models were set up to test these, and helped to formulate future trajectories of Arctic marine ecosystems under climate-change scenarios that consider the possibilities of tipping points. Current IPCC scenarios consider ecosystem responses as smooth transitions, but abrupt regime shifts are likely to occur. Knowledge of what levels of warming will be conducive to abrupt changes and when these may be achieved will enable the formulation of strategies and activities to mitigate their impacts, as well as to profit from the opportunities the changes they may bring.


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ATP Final Event Tromsø 24-26 January 2012

The final meeting of the ATP project will be held at the BFE Faculty, University of Tromsø, parallell to the Arctic Frontiers Conference.


24 January:

11:00-12:30 Stakeholder meeting at the BFE Faculty, where the major findings and conclusions from the project will be presented to our Advisory Board as well as to other interested stakeholders in the Arctic.

15:00 Press conference will be held at the Arctic Frontiers venue.

20:00 The general public is invited to come and listen to presentations of project findings, look at ATP outreach products and talk to the scientists during an open meeting in Auditorium B.


25 January:

09:00-17:00  Scientific meeting with presentation of project results at the BFE Faculty (Store Auditorium). Open for interested colleagues.


20:00 Dinner for project participants

26 January:

10:00-15:00 Scientific workshop for project participants (BFE Faculty)

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Presentation of ATP results for oceanographers in Japan

Read more...Read more...ATP results were presented in two oceanographic fora in and close to Tokyo: The National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) and the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. Further the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) at Yokosuka, close to Yokohama were visited.  The results for the ATP project were well received and there were vivid discussions.  Part of the mission was also to underline the importance of pan-Arctic integration and role of Japan in this long-term activity.  Information about the newly started Japanese research project in the Arctic, Green, was communicated to ATP.


ATP meets stakeholders in Greenland

Read more...ATP travelled to the capital of Greenland to provide relevant information about the outcome of the ATP project to Inuit and government stakeholders.  Paul Wassmann met first the research co-ordinators of the Ministry of Education and Research, Najaaraq Paniula and Lone Nukaaraq Møller, of Naalakkersuisut, the Government of Greenland.  He then visited the head office office of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) in Greenland and communicated ATP relevant information to the President of ICC Greenland and ICC Vice-Chair, Carl-Christian Oslen and Advisor on Environmental Issues, Parnuna Egede.  Finally, after returning to Copenhagen, Wassmann met ICC president Aqqaluk Lynge.

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ATP exhibition of photographs during the forthcoming Arctic Frontiers conference

Read more...ATP will arrange the photography exhibition "Creatures" during the Arctic Frontier conference, 23 to 27 of January 2012.  The exhibition will be placed in the outer part of the main lobby outside of auditorium 1 in Theorifagbygget.  The artists is Joan Costa from Spain who participated during the ATP outreach cruise in May/June 2011.  See the attached flyer for details.

Creatures exhibition flyer (584.89 kB)

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ATP videos
Videos from the ATP project are available through our YouTube channel.
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ATP on YouTube
Arctic Frontiers 2011 videos
More videos from Arctic Frontiers are available on YouTube .
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Arctic Frontiers on YouTube


Contract no. 226248. Period 2009-2011.

Coordinator:  Prof Paul Wassman, University of Tromsø, Norway




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